Phaedrus's Fables for Children. The hungry dogs

Phaedrus's Fables for Children. The hungry dogs

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If you are looking for short stories and fables for children with which to teach values ​​to your children, recommends the fables of Phaedrus.

The value of perseverance and sacrifice are what the author wants to convey to us in the children's fable 'The hungry dogs'. At times, laziness and looking for shortcuts to save ourselves work can lead to dire consequences.

At the bottom of a stream some hungry dogs saw skins that were put on to clean them; but as due to the water that got in the way they could not reach them, they decided to drink the water first in order to easily reach the skins.

But it happened that from so much drinking and drinking, they burst before reaching the skins.

Moral: Always be careful with fast roads, as they are not always the safest.

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