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Ritual pee, or how to go to Hawaii with the money saved on diapers

Ritual pee, or how to go to Hawaii with the money saved on diapers

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I remember that, as a child, I 'pounded my pants' until kindergarten. It is not malicious, it is not sick, they were watching me with this potty to boredom - and what? As I poured, I poured. One day I just stopped and it's over. I thought to myself that I would not allow such a thing with my daughter! As soon as it is a little more intelligent, the potty will become a very important element of the baby's day.

Strategy for learning

I read intensively on the Internet how to teach a toddler to use the potty, and there are wise tens of advice: this is distracting, how to fidget, and it is to buy a potty with a music box, and this put in the toilet, like mummy and daddy are peeing and by no means do not make a potty toy.

In fact, only the last of these tips I took to heart for purely hygienic reasons: how would such a baby get to the potty (before I gave birth to a child I was blissfully convinced that the proportions measured with babies are: a small man, not enough food, not enough in the potty - I never thought that he would spend 90 cm from a scythe one!), it's better not to wear it on his head in a moment, e.g. for great fun. But the rest of the advice, such as family integration pee, somehow did not appeal to me.

I thought that I would have to do it differently, because in principle with the learning of a baby a bit like with the training of a cat - maybe an unfortunate comparison, but more or less the same principle: what not to inculcate and not explain, and the most effective way is the usual consequence in everything. As I taught the cat not to sharpen claws on furniture, I bought a new cat tree and put it on bored as soon as she tried to sharpen her claws on something else. Effect? No damaged furniture despite claws not cut. It couldn't be harder with babies, I thought, not knowing how wrong I was. The average yearling's intelligence probably exceeds more than one little purse, so I didn't anticipate the problem. I thought that learning to sit on the potty begins the fastest in a year, because how to explain to a child faster what it is for?

When my daughter was 10 months old I took her for a follow-up visit to the doctor. I remember that our pediatrician was on vacation and was received by an elderly doctor with an eastern-sounding name. What was her surprise at the sight of a 10-month-old in a diaper? What was my surprise at her surprise ?! "The child learns this with a padlock like half a nap, until he walks, because then he won't want to sit down," I heard and sounded dumb. We left the office, I look at Lila and say: "Okay baby, don't panic. We're going for the potty. "

What potty should you choose?

And on the shelf with chamber pots as on a Christmas tree: it played, sang, shone, talked (one of the potty after "settling needs" shouted "What a surprise! Well done!" - in fact, a surprise what little ...). As a supporter of relatively conservative pooping, I chose a timeless classic - yellow with duck. I decided that no singing and glow-in-the-dark potty are needed for what the body, thanks to its physiology, is taught, only that the child should be shown how to "use" various needs.

Potty enchantment

Satisfied with myself, I started my first pee lesson. As a teacher by profession, I got to the point of being extremely serious. Ignorance brought me down to earth in a flash. The saying "I have been olana" is more accurate than ever. The little girl fidgeted and she didn't quite know why her mother urged her to sit on a bizarre stool with a hole. First cats for fences - she didn't cry. Second approach: TV, beloved small fairy is flying on the mini mini, I think: "Can't go wrong". I also thought I'd be smarter and drink it with water. I did it and I succeeded! Maybe not much, but motivating to start with. It was less motivating when she got up from the potty and finished her legs.