3 games to teach children to speak in public

Speaking in public is not easy. Especially for children who are more shy or less confident in themselves. Nevertheless, to speak in public you learn.

To practice oratory in children, nothing better than play. We propose some fun activities that you can also propose to teachers so that they can also use them at school.

At school it is important that this skill be fostered, which will help them as adults. From this context, some games can be proposed that will be carried out in classrooms. Of course, these games can also be made at home:

1. 'What do you know about ...' For this game, you need some music.

- The participants will walk through the class while the music plays and, when it stops, they will face the person who is closest. Then, they must answer the four questions that the teacher or adult will ask aloud in the ear of this classmate.

- Based on the answers obtained, the partner will have one minute to explain to the rest the discoveries that they have made about their partner. Then you can make a simple oral presentation.

- The most important thing about this game is that you dare to stand in front of the class or the other children, to break that barrier, and explain something that, as it is not a first-person story, should not be so ashamed.

2. The well of fears. For this game, you need paper.

- The children will be placed in pairs and will write on small pieces of paper all the unpleasant emotions they feel when they have to go out to speak in front of someone.

- Next, we will tell them to tear those papers with all their strength, step on them, crumple them, destroy them ... and throw them into an imaginary well (we will have marked a circumference on the floor of the classroom with chalk) where they fall and they can no longer leave. Next, we will tell them to close their eyes and imagine that they have to make an important exhibition. This time they will make it great, so good that they will come out very happy with it. In addition, the audience will applaud them and they will feel how their chest will rise with pride. It has nothing to do with the fears and insecurities of before, they are a new person.

3. The town crier.

- The players will stand in a circle and one of them will start the round as a town crier saying aloud "The king orders that ...". The next one will answer you by completing the sentence.

- The turn will go to the next player taking into account the hands of the clock and, then, they will have to repeat what has been said so far and add a new element to the speech.

- The next player will repeat the entire phrase again and add a new ingredient. Thus, the turns will pass successively between the participants until they reach the town crier again, the player who started the round. This will have to be placed on the table and proclaim with a firm and clear voice what has been repeated.

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