10 types of parents teachers hate

The teacher's work is really important, they have the ability to guide, teach, influence, excite and motivate children. Working with students is a great responsibility, not without obstacles along the way, one of them is related to parents of students.

And it is that, all teachers know that a good evolution of the student goes through having a close relationship with the parents but, sometimes this becomes a real headache because some that become the nightmare of many teachers. They are the parents that teachers hate, even if they don't say so openly.

Surely many parents do not cause problems, their attitude is constructive and positive, however, all of us who are part of a group of parents wasap or simply have a relationship with them after school we know, not all of them are so easy to wear. Within this group there are several types of parents that are often the hardest for teachers, Do you see yourself reflected?

- Parents of the most special children
They are the parents who believe that their children are the best, the smartest and deserve preferential treatment over other students.

- Parents of the best children
They can also be part of the first group, they think that others are the ones who make mistakes and are quick to protest against any behavior of another child, ignoring that theirs sometimes makes the same mistakes as others.

- Parents teachers
Despite the request of many teachers to follow the syllabus and do it according to the method they use in class, many parents strive to advance knowledge and teach their children techniques other than those at school.

- Omnipresent parents
They are anywhere, they appear in the morning, in the afternoon, at noon, they try to talk to the teachers at any time, whether it is opportune or not, they sneak into functions that are only for children and, of course, they are the most they ask in the tutorials.

- Absent parents:
It is the opposite pole, making an appointment with him is practically impossible, he never goes to school meetings, of course not to functions and he never picks up the children from school.

- Head parents
They want to make it clear from the outset who is in charge and how things are to be done with their children. He pretends to treat the teacher like an employee because he pays his salary with his taxes.

- Parents with persecution mania
They are those who think, whatever the teacher does, that he has a mania for his son. Never consider that your child may be to blame at some point, the teacher is the bad guy in the movie.

- Picky parents
Anything the teacher does seems wrong to them and they openly criticize him, they usually do it in front of other parents, although they rarely complain to the teacher.

- Parent leaders
They are the protagonists, they speak more than the others, they let themselves be noticed, everyone knows him and it is rare the day that he does not propose a new idea.

- Fighting parents
They try to get all the parents to agree to stand up against some school rule, they are the ones who have the upper hand and get into all the 'scrubs'. If they have to get to the last official body, they are ready.

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