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"Bystrzaki. How to develop your child's extraordinary mind ”

This is not an option for parents seating children in front of the TV for several hours every day. It requires a lot commitment and mercilessly what we often miss: time, patience, open minds. It is also not a book that you can read and put on the shelf. Rather, it should be considered "Bible of Common Time". It gives a lot of ideas for having fun together, brainstorming, spending free time. It's a cookbook that doesn't teach you how to cook, but how to develop children's minds, inspiring them to become more absorbent, flexible and creative. It is also a guide full of motivation for parents to try to follow children and, despite crazy times, remain for them an important companion of wise exploration of the world.

Guide G.J Simster believes that children can be protected against the effects of universal education, which too often propagates one pattern of thinking and kills all originality. It gives a chance to keep curiosity in children and cultivate the ability to ask questions. It allows you to support thinking that stands out of the box and thus teach your child what is really useful in life today. According to the saying:

"Too often, we choose the comfort of opinion instead of the discomfort of thinking" J.F. kennedy

The guide in numerous examples explains how to:

  • teach children independent thinking,
  • support inquisitiveness,
  • build healthy confidence
  • support clear and bold expression on various topics,
  • talk to children
  • how to develop a vivid imagination.
  • how to practice mindfulness and perceptiveness,
  • how to train perseverance
  • how to achieve better school results.

The book is full of fascinating facts, tips and tricks. You can take the risk by writing that everyone will benefit from it. However, I'm afraid that unfortunately this will not be true.

"Bystrzaki" is not an offer for everyone. Only parents who really care about their children being smart, creative and enthusiastic will be able to get the best of it. And only people with certain character traits can achieve this goal. Those who do not lack perseverance and time to give children exactly as much attention as they need. That is why it is an offer for ambitious parents seeking a rich list of interesting forms of spending time. Good news? Certainly such that those who meet the challenges posed by the author will receive a prize. Feeling well fulfilled of the duty of raising, teaching and caring for children.

Thank you to the Esprit Publishing House for providing us with a copy of the review book.

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