A video showing what a natural cesarean is

Let us assume that a cesarean section is not done for pleasure, but in certain situations of difficulty or risk for the child and the mother at the time of delivery. But the cesarean section does not have to be a mere surgical intervention, where the mother cannot participate in the delivery.

Faced with those traditional caesarean sections, the natural caesarean section or respected caesarean section is born (a technique that has begun to be performed in hospitals in Great Britain). It is a new technique in which the mother attends the moment in which her son sticks his head out and finishes being born on his own.

This photo, taken from a video, shows the birth of the son of a friend of Sophie Messager by natural caesarean section. Sophie is a doula, and she did not hesitate to post on her Facebook page the images of this cesarean section, also called slow cesarean, and that it is a new procedure on the way between the traditional cesarean section and the respected delivery.

In this type of caesarean section there is no fabric between the incision site and the mother's field of vision. The video shows how the gynecologist, after making the caesarean section, helps the baby to lift its head and lets it make the first contact with the outside, but with the body still protected by the mother's womb. The newborn cries. The medical team folds their arms and just waits. Then the baby calms down. Someone from the medical team helps him and uncovers his shoulders. He begins to drag his body out.

The technique claims to be much more beneficial for both mother and child, and can be performed only if the baby is turned upside down, the pregnancy is full term and there is no fetal distress. The mother of this delivery requested all these requirements when performing the cesarean section:

- No curtains in between.

- Give it to him and let it be placed on his chest before cutting the umbilical cord.

- Background music.

- Lights reduced.

- To help him with a mirror to see the birth.

This woman's wishes were fulfilled. And the baby was born by caesarean section, but by his own means.

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Video: Having a planned caesarean section at St Michaels Hospital (January 2022).