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I am to be a mother ... When a second child is born ...

I am to be a mother ... When a second child is born ...

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A mother would be able to invent happiness to give her children.
(cit. Madeleine Delbrer)

Sometimes, when the night falls and the children sleep in their beds, I close my eyes and wonder how my life could have happened if I had not decided to get pregnant. I could be famous, or at least rich, I could not have stretch marks on my stomach and it was time to adjust my eyebrows whenever needed. In my closet, only designer dresses would hang, instead of toys my husband would buy flowers only for me every day, and we would spend every vacation on a desert island. Around this time, I am usually interrupted by the cry of the children from the next room. Drink, eat, kiss, or other equally urgent alarm, because from the moment I heard the first scream in the delivery ward, I am a mother, and this is more binding than a loan agreement.
Ten years ago, it seemed to me that taking care of a baby is difficult and requires a lot of dedication. Today I know that what I had to face then was a piece of cake and this small ...

I matured for a long time about the second child and although sometimes the quiet voice of maternal instincts spoke in me, I drowned him out with the memory of a difficult pregnancy. One spring day it turned out that two lines appeared on the pregnancy test, and I accepted it with a smile and stoic peace. It probably meant that I was ready again. It wasn't until later that I realized how many responsibilities I would have to meet as a double mother. I was nine months to prepare for this upheaval.
Already during pregnancy I had to face some inconveniences, because when my daughter was going to school, I had to be at the doctor's, and when I was suffering from pregnancy ailments, I had to help her with her lessons. It was only a foretaste of what awaited me after the birth of the baby.

Mother, however, is such a constructed being that she can get used to everything and endure a lot for the good of her children. Fortunately for me, I quickly recovered after giving birth and a few days after it I was able to work at full capacity, and there was something to do. In my spare time between feeding and changing, I had to make sure that my older daughter did not feel the lack of my love and attention. It could have been much worse, because the toddler turned out to be a terrible sleepyhead, so I could easily meet the other responsibilities.

Parenting teaches you how to organize your time well

Every parent knows well that after the birth of the longed-for and awaited offspring, life stands on its head and does not think to return to its former position. Over time, this condition begins to take on the name of normality and with good winds even enough time for a bit of laziness during the day. When baby number two is born, again it turns 180 degrees, but what is not done for a love so great that it is difficult to define it with existing words.

Two children are not tricks. Most likely, when the first needs to be changed, the second will be hungry, and coming up with a poem about the first one will surprise you with sulking the second one over and over again. From day to day, I learned to organize my day in such a way that during the nap of my little one, unhooking from the list of daily chores cleaning, cooking and work-related activities. It is at the expense of a few hours of sleep, but the inner conviction that I wake up the sun and not the sun is priceless. When my older daughter returns from school and the other one is awake, I can devote my time to them only with a clear conscience.

During the after-walk, we often repeat the multiplication table or cases, we do shopping and we have time for a moment of carefree fun. Thanks to these moments we combine useful and pleasant. I regenerate my strength for the rest of the day, and the children have me only for themselves, because I have no excuse that the dishes are unwashed and the next project is endless. I love these moments, especially when we can spend them with my dad.

Mom, I want a blowjob ... And I have a new bike ...

The child is associated with many expenses. Although money does not come in the wallet, expenses are still rising. Being a mother taught me how to spend money wisely, that it would have enough for everything and even remained for little sins.

Shops, especially the larger ones offer a number of promotions and sales. It is worth browsing the current newspapers, because in the thicket of so-called You can find real good bargains at the "big shopwind". Thanks to this approach to everyday shopping, you can save a few pennies that can be used for another purpose.

I also learned to think differently about unnecessary things. Once upon a time, I would not even think of selling something that we no longer use or where children have grown out of. Today, I am trying to sell or give away to commission everything that may be useful to others. In this way you can recover a large part of the money previously spent. Thanks to this, spring layette or buying a new bike is not so painful for your pocket.

For a year, day after day, I have been trying to be a good mother to both daughters. I am not sure. I probably love too little, listen too rarely, talk too short, sing too quietly and sleep too long. Day after day, I struggle with a permanent lack of time for everything. I've even tried to invent a machine that stops time and stretching the day, but for now I haven't found a free hole in space-time.

I know one thing, my children are my treasure that I could not exchange for a decade of peace and free time. I am happy when I see the smiles on their faces and cry when they cry, I miss when they are in the other room, and when they sleep, I like to look at their calm faces. I don't want to know what my life would be like without them. It would be empty and sad, because nothing on earth can give me such joy as they ... They are like water and air, because without them I would not be ...