The best clothes or clothes to breastfeed the baby

The best clothes or clothes to breastfeed the baby

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When you start the breastfeeding process, you will have to worry about many things at once: the hygiene of your breasts, the correct positions to breastfeed, breast discomfort, among others. Then it will be better that you have assured the comfort conditions of your breastfeeding, and one of the most important aspects is the garments or clothes that you are going to use.

It is important not to stay only on what other mothers advise, because more and more appropriate garments are being designed specifically for breastfeeding the baby in the market. gives you some recommendations.

The nursing bras or bras should not be the same ones that you wear every day because they do not meet the comfort and ergonomic conditions that are required:

1 - Size: You need a garment where your new breasts will fit, as they grow during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. We recommend that you go to the warehouse when you are very close to the birth, there they will tell you which size you need. In this place you must comment if you are going to use breastfeeding cocas because they can increase the size.

2 - Ergonomic material: We recommend that you choose cotton bras without underwire or underwire. They must protect your back and shoulders, and conventional bras are not prepared for this. It is recommended that they have wide adjustable straps and that they provide back support.

3 - Removable cup:You will need this garment to allow you to expose the part of your chest that you require for breastfeeding without removing all of your bra or much of your clothing. That is why these garments have clasps to expose the breast with which they are going to feed. The bra should allow you to wear your cups or breastfeeding pads and put them on and take them off easily.

Some women choose to breastfeed with conventional shirts with V-necks or necklines that stretch up to the chest to lift the breast when feeding, or their button-down shirts or T-shirts to lift them up when breastfeeding. But the garments not designed for breastfeeding can be stretched or the buttons can be very easy to open by the baby And, in the case of having to lift the entire shirt, think about how uncomfortable it will feel having to bare your torso every time you need to breastfeed in public.

There are already garments on the market designed exclusively for breastfeeding that take into account all of the above:

1 - Material: They are made of stretch cotton, so they do not deform when you stretch them.

2 - Shape: They have openings that allow you to open and close, and thus expose the breast in a practical and affordable way to breastfeed the baby, and due to their modern designs you will not feel like a maternity garment.

3 - Size: You should buy loose clothes, because narrow clothes put pressure and can decrease milk production.

We recommend that you invest in a comfortable breastfeeding. These garments are designed for this purpose, they are easy to wash, they will make your life easier and you will not have to hide to breastfeed after a breastfeeding cover or any additional element.

Think that breastfeeding should be a time of connection with your babyAnd with these tips you can avoid a stressful moment, where small accidents such as drips occur to you, the child does not find the nipple quickly or you have to adopt an inappropriate posture. We want you to love your breastfeeding that's why in We teach you to prepare yourself from pregnancy to receive that moment.

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