"A little genius. A beautiful child's mind ”

"A little genius. A beautiful child's mind ”

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Tomasz Gowin

illustrated book supporting the rehabilitation of visually impaired children
ISBN: 978-83-7805-666-9
Cover: soft
Format: 210 × 145 mm
Number of pages: 30
Premiere: April 2, 2013
Price: PLN 20

The book "Little genius. A beautiful child's mind 'is intended for the youngest childrenfrom the first weeks of their lives. The booklet consists of 12 boards with contrasts. Each companions instructions for a given exercise and a description of its benefits.

Newborns don't see the world like an adult. The image they see is blurred and blurred. After a few weeks, it begins to change, vision becomes sharper.

The task of the book containing contrasts is to support children's development by stimulating a very important sense, which is sight. When from the first weeks of a child's life parents will take care of him or her properly, it can result in his / her further life - facilitate learning, learning, develop imagination.

Visual stimulation consists of showing the child pictures (black on a white background) or placing them in its surroundings in a place where they can be easily seen by him.

It is worth looking for new ways to spend more time effectively with your baby. Parents' efforts will surely bear fruit in the future, and the effects will be visible throughout the child's adult life.

"The booklet you have in your hands is a product created for babies and perfectly suited to them. Pictures help develop the sense of sight by showing children contrasts that not only attract their attention, but also allow them to focus on what they see and help them see the part of the brain responsible for image processing. It is a product worth recommending, great for older infants from 3 months of age. "
Natalia Minge, a child psychologist

Sosrodzice.pl is the media patron of the book.