Tips on Bullying or Bullying

Bullying or bullying It is one of the issues that most concerns parents, and for good reason. It is a form of aggression, both physical and psychological, to be eradicated from the classroom. has selected the most valuable information on bullying, so that you can answer all your questions.

From how to detect a case of bullying to what the profile of the bully and the bullied child is like. Here you will find information about How to prevent the bullying and what to do if you suspect that your child may be being bullied at school.

Differences in bullying between boys and girls. Differences in case of bullying depending on the gender to which those involved belong. What differences are there between boys and girls in case of bullying.

A fabulous strategy against bullying. A teacher has an infallible weapon against bullying or bullying: prevention. To do this, she has a strategy. We tell you what he does in class to prevent bullying. An effective method to stop bullying before it starts among children.

Silent bullying. Silent bullying is when a child uses social exclusion as bullying. It is a type of bullying that seeks to isolate a child and brings other classmates or children together so that the victim feels alone and marginalized. It is a very cruel and harmful type of bullying that often goes unnoticed in the eyes of adults.

10 questions about bullying. The psychologist María José Ruiz answers all our questions about bullying or bullying. How is the profile of a bullied child? What is the profile of the bullying child? What can parents do in case of bullying, whether their child is the bullied or the bully? All about bullying between children.

How to explain with apples what bullying is. Shocking the class that a teacher gave her students about bullying. He gave them a simple and easy explanation about what bullying is. To do this, he used two apples. A practical way to make children understand why words hurt.

Em Kiva method to stop bullying. What is the Kiva method against bullying or bullying. What is the Kiva method to end bullying in schools. It is a program created in Finland to combat an epidemic that occurred in 2009 of bullying in that country. The psychologist María José Ruiz Pastor explains it to us.

5 parental mistakes in the face of bullying. The mistakes parents make when dealing with a case of harassment or bullying. Many times parents make mistakes and some can be very serious. We tell you what you should not do if your child complains of bullying at school. Some parents tend to downplay bullying.

11-year-olds, more prone to bullying. Bullying in childhood. The latest studies in Spain on bulliyng indicate the ages where children are more likely to become victims. Harassment is now more psychological and begins to be suffered from the age of 7.

At what age do children suffer bullying? Bullying in childhood. From what age can a child be bullied. The psychologist María José Ruiz Pastor answers this question.

Keys to act against bullying. Bullying occurs when one or more children attack, insult, humiliate or ignore another. The victim usually suffers from suffering in silence, so it is important that parents are attentive to the signs or signs of a possible case of bullying. On our site we have selected the best tips from experts so that we can help detect and act against bullying.

How to stop bullying or bullying. Bullying is harsh, cruel and very dangerous. It ends with the self-esteem and with the illusion of our children. Is there a way to end it? To eradicate it? In Finland, a successful anti-bullying program is being tested. Let's take note.

What is cyberbullying in children. Cyberbullying or cyberbullying is understood as the use and dissemination of information, real or fictitious, with the intention of causing harm or defamation through the Internet. There are more and more cases of online harassment of children by other minors. We tell you what cyberbullying consists of and how it affects children. What is cyberbullying in children.

How to know if my child is bullied. How to know if the child suffers bullying or bullying. Signs that your child is being bullied at school. What behaviors or habits show bullied children.

The value of tolerance against bullying. A UNICEF campaign reminds us all of the importance of the value of tolerance against bullying. UNICEF Chile campaign against school harassment or bullying. The protagonist is an extraterrestrial child that everyone insults or ignores for being different. Why tolerance is so important against violence.

Videos about bullying. We offer you a list of educational videos to better understand what bullying is and you can prevent your children from being bullies or bullied. Know the causes, consequences, how to identify if a child suffers bullying and what is the role of educators and parents.

Parents as the origin of bullying. The bullying of a parents to a girl. Most of the time, bullying is confined to the school center, but not always. What happens when the parents themselves bully a child? When the problem of child bullying originates at home. Bullying that begins in the child's own home. Family harassment. Parent harassment. Bullying

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