Children with ADHD explain to their teachers how they feel in class

Children with ADHD explain to their teachers how they feel in class

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'Dear teacher ... I know that I do not always do things as expected, but I really want to learn and attend' ... this is how the message begins that a series of children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity) dedicate to their teachers. In the video, they explain what they feel when they are in class and the before and after of a child with ADHD. Without a doubt, an excellent reflection on a problem suffered by thousands and thousands of children around the world.

Children with ADHD of different ages tell us how they feel when they are in class and why they cannot behave like other children. His words invite us to reflect:

The video has been produced by Neurosurgeons by BrainHighways to explain to all of us, especially educators, why children with ADHD, even though they are very intelligent, have so much difficulty learning in class. The video goes like this:

'Dear teacher, I know that I don't always do things as expected, but i really want to learn and attend, just that my brain is a little different, so I would like you to know a little about me:

- I have to move or I can't really pay attention.

- Sometimes I can not look at you, but I can listen to what you are saying.

- If you tell me: 'sit up straight!', I have to use all my brain to do that.

- You make me feel sad when you tell me that I have to try harder, because I'm already trying my best.

- I listen better when I'm rocking in my chair.

- When you give me many indications, I start to think. I will never remember all this!

- Sometimes my mom or dad finish doing my homework ... And here how could you help me?

- Let me move while I'm learning.

- Let me look at what I'm looking at when you're talking to me.

- Let me balance or lean on my folder.

- Regardless of the cause ... don't leave me without recess.

- Help me and I can do things by myself.

- Give me short instructions.

- Ask me: What does your brain need to do now?

And one more thing: my brain may be different from yours, but still, it's amazing...'

A clear and direct message. Kids with ADHD can be very smart, amazingly smart. People like Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake... have had or have ADHD. Children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder just need them to understand that their brain works differently, that they must attend to the thousands of ideas that crowd their minds. That it is difficult for them to concentrate, yes, but that does not mean that they cannot learn. And of course, above all, in order to take advantage of their full potential, they need a teacher who understands them.

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