The drummer. Carols or songs for Christmas He has selected some Christmas carols to sing with the children during the Christmas holidays. On this occasion, we offer you the lyrics of the Christmas carol 'The drummer', a traditional Christmas song.

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The road that leads to Bethlehem
down to the valley that the snow covered.
The shepherds want to see their King,
they bring him gifts in his humble satchel
to the Redeemer, to the Redeemer.

I would like to put at your feet
some present that pleases you Lord,
but you already know that I'm poor too,
and I have nothing but an old drum.
(rom pom pom pom, rom pom pom pom)
In your honor in front of the portal I will touch
with my drum!

The road that leads to Bethlehem
I am marking with my old drum,
there is nothing better that I can offer,
his hoarse accent is a love song
to the Redeemer, to the Redeemer.

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