Trick to teach the multiplication table of four to children

The multiplication table of the number four It is not very complicated, but for a child it can be ... boring. We teach you a trick to make this table more fun. In this way the children will memorize the multiplication table without problems, in a more enjoyable way.

You will have seen that it is not very complicated. To teach children this trick, just follow these steps:

1. Draw a star without lifting the pen from the paper. To do this, start on the left. It has to stay like this:

2. Now list the vertices of the star and the space that remains between them, from 0 to 9 from the top and going clockwise.

3. These numbers will help you memorize the table of four. They are the results of the units. Follow the path that the star marks you from the top vertex. The first number is 0. That means that 4x0 is equal to 0. The next would be 4x2, which results in ... 8.

4. If you follow the path of the star, you will have all the results. 4x3 will end in a 2, indicating that the result is 12 (it helps you remember the unit at the end, but you must complete the result yourself).

With this table, you will help your child memorize the table. It does not give you the complete result, but it does help to review and remember it, and in a more fun way.

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