Consequences of watching too many cartoons in childhood

Studies carried out in recent years have revealed how children who consume violence on television on a daily basis have become more insensitive to it and, therefore, demand it more and more. The stories that are told evolve to become more shocking and more complicated, like the settings, far removed from the first idyllic places in the forests and castles, are now hostile, urban places full of dangers.

The truth is that having children exposed to Violence in some of the cartoons can be detrimental to them, that's why on our site we tell you some of its consequences and how to avoid them.

Since the Disney world took over the big screen in the 1930s with its first feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the evolution of cartoons has been unstoppable.

Those first animated cartoons of classic stories have given way to Japanese computer animations in which everything imaginable can happen, and the children's audience has become more and more demanding, demanding more and more complicated stories. The need to meet these expectations has turned the cute cartoon characters into figures exposed to all kinds of violence and fatalities.

1.- Children can become less sensitive to pain.

2.- Become more fearful of the world around them.

3.- Not being able to separate fact from fiction.

4.- Behaving aggressively with others.

5.- Have a lower school and cognitive development.

6.- Sedentary lifestyle.

1- Delay the age of watching television as much as possible: At least up to two or three years, children should not be exposed to any television content, or computers, mobile phones or tablets.

2- Control the type of movies and cartoons they see: That they are as educational as possible, and that they do not incite violence in any way.

3- Control the number of hours they watch television: The more time in front of television, the greater the internalization and the less capacity to separate reality from fiction.

4- Always watch television with them: So we can explain the different behaviors of the characters and make them understand that everything is fiction.

Cartoons can be a beautiful memory for your children when they grow up, but be careful what they see, surely what is best for them to see is not what they like the most, but that's what your criteria are for.

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