Small child

Let's stop fattening our children!

From generation to generation, we live longer and longer. At least it has been so far. Unfortunately, this trend may reverse - scientists alert. All because of ... overweight. Our children are overfed, which is associated with many problems today and ... in the future. Researchers suggest that the youngest generation may be the first to live shorter than their parents ...

Every third Polish child is obese

According to the European Childhood Obesity Surveillance (COSI) survey, as many as 31% of eight-year-olds in Poland have excessive weight. 12.7% of them were obese and 18.5% overweight.

Unfortunately, the problem begins with younger children. As many as 1/3 of small children in Poland have incorrect weight.

Guilty overfeeding

An alarm has been going on in the media for several years. Polish children gain the fastest weight in all Europe!

No wonder, since in many Polish schools children eat mainly sweets during the day, dinners are reluctant to eat, and vegetables and fruit given in the form of a health-promoting campaign do not want to look at.

There is little awareness of the effects of healthy eating. Although information on this subject is not lacking, parents and grandparents still underestimate the need to introduce healthy habits from an early age. They argue that the child will grow from excessive weight.

Unfortunately! Nothing could be more wrong. Practice shows that it is often the opposite. Unhealthy eating habits known from an early age are becoming a curse. They accompany children until adulthood. They are so well grounded that it is difficult to fight them, and once accumulated excessive kilograms can not be lost.

Studies conducted among parents do not give optimistic results. Most parents see nothing wrong with their obese children's eating habits. They don't want changes, and the problem is getting bigger every year.

What are the effects of overweight?

Unfortunately, the excessive weight that is involved in every third Polish child has serious consequences. It increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and hypertension, which in turn dramatically increases the risk of having a heart attack or stroke in the future.

If Polish children are still behind, the risk of dying from heart disease will increase. As a consequence, the youngest generation may die much earlier than their parents.