Pregnancy / Childbirth

Stress in pregnancy - how to deal with it?

Stress in pregnancy - how to deal with it?

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First, good news: pregnancy has a good chance of successfully ending. If it were otherwise, the human race would have trouble staying in shape until today. In addition both the very course of pregnancy and childbirth today are less vulnerable to complications and their effects than our former ancestors: due to access to many modern solutions, the ability to control fetal development and interference when it becomes necessary by treating the child in utero.

All this seems obvious? So stick to the above facts! Take care of yourself and think positively!

The center of attention

Pregnancy changes a lot. It can even be stressful for a young mother that her body and the changes in it follow they remain in the spotlight and become the object of observation. The loved ones ask about health, advise, share their experiences, often also they reprove and instruct. Sometimes they unnecessarily (sometimes unknowingly) threaten, divide bloody stories of the past, they complain.

How to deal with it? It is worth cutting off comments and stories at the very beginning, saying that you want to experience pregnancy as calmly as possible, so you would prefer not to listen to similar "anecdotes".

Family relationsOften pregnancy is associated with a worsening of the relationship between mother-daughter and mother-mother-in-law. Especially if this is your first pregnancy and your mother becomes a grandmother for the first time.

Unfortunately, the new situation often raises tensions and misunderstandings, usually associated with the fact that the future grandmother wants to control her pregnancy and her daughter's behavior. However, the future mother can't stand the unwanted advice which act on her like a bull's cloth.

What can you do? In most cases, an honest conversation should be sufficient. However, sometimes this solution is insufficient and it is necessary to introduce distance, clear rules in your current relationship, which may worsen your relations for some time, but over time they will change into more partner-based and not based on relationships.

It is often the case that pregnancy and the birth of a child allow a young mother mature and look at your own family and past from a distance. This is the time when my mother, exposed to the pedestal until now, loses her place, becomes an "ordinary person", with all the pros and cons. It is a moment to come to terms with the fact that nothing is perfect and moments to gain strength to live in accordance with the values ​​you profess.

Worried about your child's health

Many parents is afraid of the worst. He makes dark visions, is stressed by the thought that something may go wrong. Is there a way to do this? To some extent, yes. You can make sure that you reach for reliable knowledge. Not one that is based on emotions and anxieties, but real and well presented.

We also remember that they have all the articles and tips they have general and the standards are averaged. With specific problems, we should report directly to a doctor who, after the examination, will be able to explain to us most accurately what is happening to our body and how pregnancy develops.

Although no one will give you 100% certainty that your pregnancy will go on without complications, with good care, you do everything you can and you have a really good chance that everything will end your way. In addition, the vast majority of pregnancy problems with more serious consequences are genetic changes that we have no influence on and for which we cannot blame ourselves.

Original birth stress

The first pregnancy for a woman is time many doubts questions that are difficult to answer. It can also be a problem to assess what is a physiological change and what should motivate you to visit a doctor.