Small child

What for a baby fever?

High temperature can appear in a child unexpectedly, in a few moments: as a result of vaccination reaction, infection or even under the influence of emotions. When it reaches value above 38 degrees (according to some doctors above 38.5 degrees), for child's safety it should be lowered. This can be done using the available preparations. Thanks to them, the child's fever will not be terrible ...

Why should you lower your child's high temperature?

A child's fever is an elevated body temperature above normal: 37.2 degrees C.

  • temperature from 37.2 degrees C to 38 degrees C - is treated as mild fever (subfebrile condition),
  • temperature from 38-39 degrees C it moderate fever,
  • temperature above 39 degrees is treated as high fever.
  • temperature above 41 degrees C is very dangerous for the child's life and health.

Fever in young children is dangerous because it can quickly lead to dehydration (especially fever above 40-41 degrees). Body temperature around 38-39 degrees does not have to be dangerous, but it is dangerous for a certain group of children: ze tendency to develop seizures, suffering from epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease (asthma), metabolic diseases (diabetes). In this group, a moderate fever can already lead to serious complications.

During a fever, the child loses a lot of water with exhaled air. It often gives no sign of danger or signals slightly (a large amount of fluid should be given!). That is why it is so important for a parent to have a child "on the eye" and react quickly. For this reason, it is worth having something in the home medicine cabinet to lower the high temperature.

Child fever: Pedicetamol

First, parents reach for products with paracetamol in their composition. Your child's fever can be reduced by a product known as Pedicetamol.

Pedicetamol, according to the manufacturer, "is a safe drug for children from birth." Occurs as an oral solution, can be obtained without a prescription. It can be purchased at the pharmacy for about PLN 15.

It is available in packaging 30 ml (about PLN 12) and 60 ml (about PLN 15). Has analgesic (for mild and moderate pain) and antipyretic (for fever lasting no more than three days). The preparation has a raspberry flavor. The manufacturer added an eyedropper and syringe to the product for easy application.

Pedicetamol can also be used in older children (e.g. 2-3 years old). However his bitter taste (standing out from other preparations that lower body temperature) may hinder its use.