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20 months old - a challenge chasing a challenge

What to expect from a child who is 20 months old?

The easiest way to write "everything".

Looking at the toddler, it can be concluded that motor development is far ahead of emotional development. For this reason, there may be more frequent outbreaks of hysteria, insults, quarrels than real physical falls and knee injuries. And so it will stay for the next few months, when the two-year-old rebellion comes to the fore, then dynamic personality development will slow down a bit and enter a more predictable track.

Motor development: 20 months old

A 20-month-old child usually walks smoothly, without the need to grab another person's hand or support himself. Most toddlers have no problem kicking the ball, throwing it from above their heads, and climbing stairs. Children at this age like to jump (on both legs), climb, need a lot of movement and opportunity to explore the possibilities of their body.

Therefore, it is worth allowing them to dirty their hands in the ground, pouring sand, jumping into a puddle. Let less than two-year-old go out for a walk dressed so that his movements are not constrained, and activity is not limited due to the risk of getting his pants dirty.

Average height and weight of a 20-month-old child

The following data is average. Both weight and height depend on genes, predisposition and whether the child was born on time. However, the WHO provides a certain average that gives valuable information to young parents. Centile grids that help you monitor your baby's growth are also helpful.

The average height for boys over 20 months of age is 82.4 kilograms, and for girls - 82.8 cm. When it comes to weight, then 11.3 kilograms for a boy and girls - 10.7 kilograms.

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