"Reclining" baby car seat, Easylift

A child traveling in a horizontal position? It's the perfect solution for active parents who care about the comfort of their children. But not only. There are cases in which it is not possible to transport babies in a position other than lying down. Easylift comes with help - a secure combination of a baby carrier and a car seat.

In some cases, related to the medical conditions of the newborn, buying or renting a carrycot - a cot with the option of mounting in the car is the only option. Absolute indications for traveling in a horizontal position are difficulty in breathing in the reclining position and heart arrhythmia found in the child. Other cases that are an indication for using a car gondola are: the low weight and height of the child associated with prematurity, fragile bone syndrome, spina bifida, Pierre Robin syndrome and specific orthopedic indications.

Pediatricians recommend that even a healthy baby should not spend more than 2 hours a day in the car seat. Sitting position is not favorable for the proper development of the baby's spine.
Parents who like to travel without having to take breaks will also appreciate the benefits of Easylift.

Easylift - is a product that combines the function of a baby carrier and a car seat. It is intended for transporting newborns and infants up to 6 months old in a lying position. Easylift provides babies safe breathing and prevents choking. In the supine position, the muscles of the tiny, delicate spine are not burdened in any way, so there is no limit to the amount of time spent in the sling. It is ideal for active parents who like to travel with their toddler.
Easylift is a very convenient solution - the seat can be moved directly from the car to the stroller nacelle (fits most models available on the market) as well as strollers or so-called "Umbrellas". So there is no need to interrupt your baby's sleep when transferring the baby carrier to the stroller.

Easylift safety tests have been carried out in Sweden, which is famous for the most stringent requirements for products intended for children. The product has been approved in accordance with ECE44 / 04 in group 0. Softly padded sling foam walls also provide a high level of protection.
Easylift is equipped with five-point seat belts. It is very easy and quick to install
in every car model. Suitable for transporting newborns and infants up to 6 months old or 10 kg in weight.