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How not to gain weight during pregnancy? Avoid extra kilos

The title - how not to gain weight during pregnancy - may be perverse, too simplistic, but certainly pictorial. He takes care of almost every future mother who cares about the appearance of her figure, wants to present herself neatly and have no problem getting back to her pre-pregnancy condition. Unfortunately, this has to be done already during the magical 9 months.

If during this period we eat with impunity, without any internal control mechanisms, there is a high risk that the accumulated kilograms will remain with us for a very long time. If this were not enough - excessive weight gain is also not beneficial from the point of the child - because it increases the risk of pregnancy-threatening conditions in mothers - e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, pregnancy cholestasis.

That is why the question is so important today - How not to gain excess weight during pregnancy? How to give your child everything he needs, but avoiding the accumulation of unnecessary calories?

Why is it better to control weight in pregnancy?

The truth is that pregnancy is for many future mothers a time of uncontrollable food. There is a belief, at least in some groups, that at this time you can eat properly without obstacles, after all you must not lose weight during pregnancy, right?

All this is obvious, however pregnant diet should be healthy.

How not to gain weight during pregnancy

Too caloric menus in pregnancy are risky:

  • increases the risk of occurrence high blood pressure
  • increases the risk of occurrence pregnancy cholestasis
  • increases the risk of occurrence diabetes,
  • reduces the chance of natural childbirth,
  • increases recovery time after delivery,
  • increases the risk of occurrence stretch marks,
  • almost gives us confidence to struggle after pregnancy with excessive skin folds, e.g. around the abdomen,
  • according to the researchers, greater weight in pregnancy unfortunately increases the risk future child's upheaval.

So how not to gain weight during pregnancy?

Prepare that your weight and figure in pregnancy will change. However, you have an impact on how much weight you gain - do not let yourself be convinced that this is beyond your reach, because in the vast majority of cases your eating habits decide whether you will gain 25 kilograms or 13 kilograms. Appropriate habits, attitudes and habits will have a positive effect on your health, your child's well-being.

  1. Don't eat for two but for two - this is probably the best known rule - Your meals don't have to be bigger, but eat more often and pay attention to what you eat. Eat varied, colorful meals, preferably prepared with seasonal, local products.
  2. If pregnancy is not at risk, move - you can walk, ride a bike on safe straight routes (until the tummy is an obstacle for you), swim, exercise with the ball.
  3. Plan a menu and what you eat if you feel hungry outside. Keep a healthy snack with you so that you can avoid eating just about anything.
  4. Avoid unhealthy habits - if you eat crisps while watching a movie, replace the unhealthy fatty snack with vegetable chips.
  5. If you like sweets, don't deny them by force. Instead of feeling guilty about eating them every few days without restraint, allow yourself a sweet snack every day, but feel that you have control over your menu.

How not to gain weight during pregnancy? Think about the fact that everything you eat goes not only to your belly, but also to the baby. The baby needs valuable nutrients and vitamins, not empty calories. Anyway, you also need the same ...