Contest results

MiniTraper competition results - 1st edition


we've received hundreds of emails from you. Yesterday until late evening we looked at them, admired and smiled at the little sleepers. The choice was very difficult, because, as many of you have noticed - for a parent his child is the most beautiful. And there is nothing to discuss. All uploaded photos have their charm and win in an individual competition!

Unfortunately, the rules of this game put us in a thankless situation and we had to choose two photographs. This is one of the most difficult moments during the site, when you would like to reward everyone and you have to choose ... In some ways, some of you made it easier for us to decide, because many emails were not signed, there were also those that contained the content itself, without an attachment.

In the end we still have several hundred photos left.

We decided to reward the following two photographs and thus their authors.

Janina Stefanicka wins the playpen

Małgorzata Malińska wins the cot

Thank you all for sending photos! We invite you to participate in the second edition of the fun!