Dear Mother, Grandma, I don't feed THIS child

We live in a corrupt world where the search for healthy food and a good alternative to the ubiquitous "chemical products" becomes a challenge. Buying yogurt, bread or butter - it would seem simple and healthy everyday products - seems almost impossible.

When we look at it closely, it is menacing. We may feel lost and really confused. How to live when they tell us at every step that it is not healthy, and that only in small quantities? How can you not get lost and go crazy?

Was it like that once?

Today's carton milk has little to do with milk straight from the cow. White, plump buns are nothing like the bites eaten by our grandparents, not to mention great grandparents.

Still is not better. Unhealthy sausages, ready-made cheeses too. We also know more and more about sugar, salt ... chemical additives that are used almost everywhere.

Experts roar that feeding children today is no confession. Effects? Allergies, food intolerances, obesity, hyperactivity, lethargy, problems with concentration, depression, which is diagnosed in ever younger children, etc.

And what do our grandmothers say? Instead of supporting us in giving children the least processed food ... Increasingly ... I am jealous - "I did not have as much as you - these jars, ready lenses, milk powder", "now you have convenience", "you have it well" . Just go to the first better pastry shop on Saturday to see the older ladies standing in line, including those who at first glance have enough strength to "spin the bun". Instead of baking, they often buy ready-made products. Because it's easier, faster, no problem. But healthier? And is it really better?

Milk - Decalcifies the bones?

We can read more and more often about the fact that "Milk is unhealthy", "Do you want to be healthy? Do not drink milk "," Dairy cow is not the basis of nutrition! This is the propaganda that the dairy lobby feeds people. "

Basic allegations of opponents of drinking milk:

  • cow's milk is for calves, not for children,
  • most often it sensitizes small children,
  • very often it is the cause of rashes - AD and LAS,
  • calcium flushing protein from the body,
  • high milk consumption causes more frequent bone breaking,
  • the relationship between high milk consumption and frequent infections in children has been proven,
  • milk causes enteritis and sinusitis,
  • cows that produce milk are served hormones and antibiotics, which later go to milk,
  • milk is 'processed', pasteurized or homogenized food,
  • According to Robert Cohen, Executive Director of the Education Council on Dairy and co-founder of, milk consumption is responsible for: breast cancer, diabetes, kidney stones, acne, heart disease, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis.
  • of all mammals, only humans continue to consume milk after infancy.

Unfortunately, what many experts, ecological activists, vegans and many mothers say is not what we can learn from the mouths of experts who have a completely different opinion. For example, Mathilde Kersting from the Children's Food Research Institute says that milk is irreplaceable for a small person - it is worth drinking it because it is a source of protein, calcium and iodine.

In addition, many doctors emphasize that Vegetable milk is not as healthy as animal milk. Some pointed out that no relationship was found between drinking milk and the incidence of serious illness.

What's the truth? What do you think about it - do you drink milk? Do you give yogurt to children?

Wheat - responsible for the obesity plague?

Recent reports do not leave a dry thread on gluten - a mixture of proteins found in wheat, rye, barley, spelled. According to American cardiologist William Davis, wheat has long ceased to be a beneficial grain from which healthy bread is made. On the contrary - what we collect today is modified in many respects and to the limit "corrected".