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Mom on the beach - what type are you?

Mom on the beach - what type are you?

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As we have, we differ - it is no discovery. On vacation, our character traits often allow us to be grouped into certain groups. Sometimes they become so sophisticated that they can be fun and even amazing for others who live and think differently ...

Anyway ... read it for yourself.

Mother is well prepared

Has everything - starting from sandwiches, through fruit, cakes, small snacks, water, a lot of different toys, patches, creams and sun sprays of various protection ... and almost zero desire to play. Shortly after arriving at the beach with the children - he throws all the toys on the sand, puts himself on a deckchair and recommends that children take care of themselves and "ordain" themselves - peace of mind. She has a sense of duty fulfilled - she is well prepared, children have "everything", so they try to take care of themselves.

What do the youngest ones say? They run into the water with an impression, not interested in the molds, rakes and balls left behind. They watch what other children are playing and protest loudly why their mother did not take it, they recommend that she necessarily bought them THIS. When other children want to "borrow" something, the well-prepared toddlers lie on their toys and, with the winners, emphasize "it's mine, I won't give".