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Step 2 Ride X-Rider

You can blow it cold and choose certain products (after all, there is excess in the market, not shortages in the range of products for children). You can also ignore any reservations and buy everything that catches your eye. The decision belongs to each parent separately. Step 2 Ride X-Rider is on the list of potentially dangerous toys. The product has been withdrawn from the United States, where it is produced. In Poland, however, you can easily buy it in many online stores. The cost was about PLN 200. It started with the comments of American parents who reported to the manufacturer that the ride was unstable. Parents noticed that it is enough to slightly tilt the child forward so that the toddler can fall out of the toy. It happened that children hurt their heads and scratched their faces.

It was enough for the product to be withdrawn from the United States. We won't buy it there. In Poland, we will receive it without any problems. Buy despite the warnings? Decide for yourself ...